Residential elevators

Advantages of residential and corporate elevators:

VVVF Motor: Precisely adjusts motor rotational speed for a smooth speed curve that is comfortable for users on the go.
*When moving to the next floor: If the elevator door does not open on the intended floor for some reason, the elevator will close the inner door and continue going up to the next designated floor.
*Stop due to overload: Our elevator will tell you if the elevator is overloaded, the elevator door stays open and an alarm sounds as the elevator stops at the current floor.
*Overspeed alert: When the elevator speed is 1.3 times higher than the rated speed, the device will automatically slow down the elevator to keep the passengers safe.
*Emergency elevator lighting: The emergency elevator lighting is automatically turned on once the power is off.
*Automatic Rescue Device (ADR): When the power is cut off, this device supplies power to the elevator, the elevator runs to the nearest floor and opens its door to the exit of passengers.
*Suitable for special situations: The lift provides an operating system for people with special needs, people using a wheelchair, and people with vision problems.

The design of this type of elevators takes into account all the tastes and needs of residents of residential and office buildings, as elevators combine advanced technology and modern design to ensure passenger comfort and outstanding performance efficiency. It offers a variety of options to suit all tastes

Home elevators

Our company provides many options for home elevators.

What distinguishes home elevators from other elevators is that they do not need large areas or predetermined places for their installation, in addition to the automatic driving mechanism and double rail technology. Home lifts can be installed almost anywhere in the home. Unlike traditional elevators, home elevators do not require the use of traditional equipment that needs large spaces inside the house, but are powered by a smart electric motor connected directly to a normal power socket like any other home appliance. Advantages of home elevators:

  • * Comfortable elevator, suitable for the elderly.
  • * Available in different sizes and sizes to fit all spaces.
  • * Overcoming architectural barriers
  • * Quiet and easy to install
  • * Energy-saving because it consumes energy like any household electrical appliance
  • * Available in various modern and different designs.
  • * Low maintenance costs.
  • * You get a warranty once the lift is installed.

Hotel elevators

Our company realizes that hotel guests want to enjoy their stay at the hotel, and from this point of view, the company has developed a set of smart solutions that help guests to accomplish their affairs quickly in order to obtain a distinctive stay.

And its features:

Noise reduction: there is almost no noise, which helps create a calm atmosphere and contributes to the relaxation of guests.
*VVVF Motor: Precisely adjusts the motor’s rotational speed for a smooth and comfortable speed curve for users on the go.
* It contains all safety means according to the (global – Egyptian) code for elevators