It is characterized by its safe and distinguished performance, bearing in mind that the design elements of its parts from the sides and handrails make it in its usual and preferred shape for various users, in addition to the durability and strength of “safe elevators” stairs, characterized by ease of installation, taking into account that the ladder occupies the least possible space in buildings that require Escalator installation. They are the most needed while preserving every space without wasting. Our company’s stairs are the perfect solution for high-traffic and heavy-use buildings such as malls, entertainment buildings, train and subway stations and airports. Where high technology, in addition to creativity in the aesthetic form, are the main factors that add to the mission and function of these buildings.

As research has shown, the use of escalators is safer compared to the usual stairs, especially in buildings that serve large numbers of visitors of all ages. . Designed and manufactured safety devices equipped with escalators are the best guarantee of safety for the people who use them.

Escalators are powered by electricity and have stairs that move continuously and facilitate the process of ascending the user to the upper floor or the process of going down to the lower floor.

Escalators compared to elevators can accommodate more people. It is widely used in supermarkets, hotels, business centers, airports, train stations and metros.

Specific designs are also manufactured and prepared according to the customer’s desire and need and also according to the building design.

In commercial malls and most public places, escalators and moving walkways are used to facilitate movement between floors and some of them, to provide comfort for passengers in malls and public places, and to facilitate movement from one floor to another.