About us

The Safe Elevators Company started its activity by working as a company specialized in supplying, installing, maintaining and developing all types of elevators. Despite the modernity of the company’s history, it was able to prove high efficiency in the field of elevators alongside large companies with a name and history greater than that which resulted in gaining the confidence of many customers such as real estate investment companies, consulting offices and other individuals in a short time.

Our company always follows the development and seeks the latest scientific and technological developments in order to use it to serve the market requirements according to its capacity to be always at the forefront of companies working in the field of elevators.

Realizing the enormity of the responsibility to secure a safe journey for our customers, the Safe Elevators Company is always keen to apply the maximum degree of safety, so the equipment and materials necessary for installation were provided according to the highest technical specifications, in addition to the after-sales service, and the company does not hesitate to take everything necessary to always maintain the The highest levels of safety for elevator users.

Our company also targets safe elevators to create a strong generation of well-trained technical workers at the highest level under the supervision of an elite of professional engineers.

Why Choose Us

Maintenance and after sales service

Our safe elevator company is keen to maintain its philosophy and approach in consolidating a long-term relationship with its customers, starting from the planning and design process according to the customer’s requirements, through the installation process to the after-sales service stage.
The quality of the safe elevator maintenance process is a guarantee of the continuous quality of performance and reliability of the elevator system
The safe elevator also provides its customers with the highest level of quality maintenance stipulated in the contract by a team of engineers and technicians with a high degree of advanced technical technology in addition to the use of modern tools. This is done with great accuracy for the maintenance of elevators and escalators and their tasks through periodic maintenance in the best condition and with the highest performance according to Operating standards specifications.
With a maintenance contract, all customer needs are covered, including periodic maintenance, repair, emergency reports, safety tests, as well as changing spare parts that cause a malfunction.
Production 75%
EPC Works 95%
Customer Satisfaction 90%
Utilizaion Rate 100%