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Installations Department

Experienced and highly qualified employees to carry out all installation works with different systems that follow the international elevator code, whether in the presence of a machine room and without a machine room, with the ability to make adjustments during implementation according to the specifications of the site or project and without contradiction with the commitment to the elevator code and the commitment to delivery on time.

Department of repairs

Its employees are experienced and competent as they make repairs to modern systems in the course of their work
Electromechanical modifications in old systems while maintaining the efficiency of safe operation, and this section is of special importance as it provides technical support to the maintenance department through technical reports and technical notes that members of the maintenance department should pay attention to in order to maintain safety levels and operating efficiency.

Maintenance Department

Their main task is to do maintenance (normal / preventive) for all operating systems and to meet faults
And notes during the maintenance process ,,, and this section is in full cooperation with the repair department due to the existence of common technical matters in order to maintain safe operation and avoid any malfunctions or obstacles during use or operation.

Department of Supplies

Its employees are fully aware of all elevator components of all brands and this department is concerned with storing and transporting all spare parts and components with utmost care to the different locations on the dates specified for the terms of the contract, as well as storing them in the appropriate manner until they are used

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Safe Elevators

More than 30 years of experience in the field of elevators and escalators
* We have implemented many projects in the installation of elevators (passengers – goods – people with special needs) in addition to taking into account the commitment to the (global – Egyptian) code for elevators with adherence to delivery dates, and we have also carried out many rehabilitation processes for various models and types of elevators in which the preservation Efficient operation and safe use.
* We have a number of engineers and technicians specialized in this field working in our company for safe elevators, and the technicians have a high efficiency in installation – repair – maintenance, and this is done by sending them to courses in specialized institutes such as the Italian Institute (Donbesco) and the Elevator Technology Center, where We train them on the latest systems (electrical and mechanics) by working in different locations during project implementation.
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