Hospital elevators

Elevators are distinguished in terms of design and quality of work, so we find the following features:

*High Precision: Precise speed control with VVVF drive system makes the shutdown very accurate and stable.
* Noise reduction: VVVF motor control system and precise acceleration control of the elevator movement prevents vibrations caused by movement.
* Elevator size flexibility: Our hospital elevator accommodates doctors, patients, medical devices and hospital furniture such as: beds, wheelchairs and strollers. Thus, these features contribute to facilitating the rapid rescue of patients and this depends on the space available for the elevator design.
*Stop due to overload: Our elevator will tell you if the elevator is overloaded, the elevator door stays open and an alarm sounds as the elevator stops at the current floor.
*Energy saving: The fan and light are automatically turned off when there is no one in the elevator.
*Emergency measures: In an emergency, such as a fire, all stop orders will be canceled, the elevator stops on the predetermined floor and the door remains open.
*Automatic Rescue Device (ADR): When the power is cut off, this device supplies power to the elevator, the elevator runs to the nearest floor and opens its door for passengers to exit.


Where the company’s first goal was to be the first choice for restaurants, hotels and schools, and to supply products that can be installed with the needs of different places, such as schools, hotels, restaurants, libraries, companies, private institutions and villas, it has provided these products with excellent materials and modern and elegant design represented in materials. Stainless steel digital display plus premium décor and external operating system.

Food elevators have become an urgent need in restaurants and hotels to serve food hot and in the fastest time, and transport food from the kitchen to the dining hall, and not only hotels and restaurants are needed, hospitals are also looking for food elevators that facilitate the work of the staff in delivering food in The right time for patients
Food elevators are no longer used only to lift food from kitchens to restaurants, but are used in banks, institutions and shops to transport items between floors, which is what made many companies work on developing their shapes and installing various types of them and we have different types to offer to our valued customers

Goods lifts

Goods elevators from “Safe Elevators” company provide suitable solutions for transporting different weights and sizes suitable for different architectural structures. The company has gained the trust of customers and its services have been widely used in freight transportation sites, such as factories, production lines, workshops, shopping malls and exhibition halls. The main reason why our customers trust our products lies in international specifications, outstanding performance, credibility and honesty in work, in addition to the appropriate and reasonable financial value.

A fully automatic control system that is controlled by a control panel that operates with high efficiency and ensures excellent performance and operation.